Monday, 10 November 2008

9th november

well!!what a shock to the system it was to arrive at Heathrow to temperatures of 10% when for a month it has`nt been below 35% i can tell you it felt mumand i rushed through to the baggage reclaim & got on the earlier coach which was very lucky cos our original one didn`t leave til 5 15 and we got on the 1.40 so we arrived at breton side bus station at 6.35. the weather was hurrendous! blowing a gale & raining ,so we jumped in the first taxi & got to mum`s for a n ice cuppa before sorting out the suitcases.we had an extra bag cos mum bought a lot of beads & ribbons for my sisters also some new clothes .i had loads of gifts bought me including a ring from Khalid & his new sister was such a lovely hostess she took us out practically every day .we went to the Dubai mall on Saturday it`s the biggest one there . they have an aquarium and an ice rink inside .i will post photo`s soon .we also went to my sisters house in Neshash were everyone goes to chill out & have a rest. we had waiters serving us our meal i have never seen so much food!!! i went in Abdul`s jeep up & down the sand dunes it was amazing!! from there we went to Haramere where jeanne has a bungalow just off the beach, we had lunch there and when we went to eat they had 2 whole sheep surrounded by rice potatoes and vegetables and for a laugh they put one each in front of me & mum and said eat up there`s plenty more well! you can imagine the look on our faces when we saw them ,we really thought they had given all that to us .they laughed so much my sister was crying to see our reaction when we saw the head was still on it !!!the tradition is to present the head to honour the guests, i nearly threw up lol .still it was a lovely meal .then we went back to Abu Dhabi to pack .we felt really sad to be leaving but excited to see everyone back home .i can`t wait to go back so will start saving as soon as christmas is over lol!!!!!!!! .

Saturday, 1 November 2008

1st november

hi,everyone sorry i have`nt blogged for a while been to Oman. we all drove to Abdul`s cousins house in Oman to go to an engagement party .it was lovely to see so many different members of the family .we also met Abduls mum ,she was so tiny!! and so hospitable ,she kept filling our plates with food. The girls all had lovely dresses and the girl who got engaged was lovely .this was the first time anyone had met her !!! they call it a milcha. although they are engaged it is also the wedding but they don`t live together untill they have the wedding celebration which is usually in the summer.poor things have to live apart til then. it`s the weekend now as they have friday & saturday off the children go back to school on Sunday!!it`s very confusing for me & my mum .hopefully next week i can get some sun as i`m still white not had any time to sit by the pool or any sunbathing i shall be mad if i`ve been in temperatures of 38 % and not got a tan lol .been swimming in the pool but only at night when the sun is gone !! it1s still 29 so lovely for swimming before going to bed .hope everyone had a good Halloween they don`t celebrate it here so missed out lol i bet Sam looked great dressed as dracula can`t wait to see photo`s. speak again later .....

Thursday, 23 October 2008


tuesday 21st , today is my daughter caroilne`s birthday so i felt a bit cut off from everyone cos usually we all get together for birthdays so i went shopping in the marina mall to cheer me up lol!!!i was given an i pod by my sister so i was looking for a docking station to charge & play it but no luck. the one i wanted was out of stock :( never mind there are several malls to choose from here i`m sure to get one. today were going to dinner at abdul`s sisters house it`s all women together so it will be a good laugh. nabeela is going to do my make up she is a lovely girl i get on really well with her and she has taken me under her wing to show me some modern makeup ideas bless her!!!EVERYONE here is so sweet it`s very relaxing not to have any stress.thanks caz for the photo`s of sam & your glasses look fine .hope sam is better soon .i`m missing u all now but still having a great time .give my love to everyone xxxx.....

Sunday, 19 October 2008

19th october

hi,everyone sorry i`ve not been online but by the time iv`e had the chance to check my e,mail it`s bed time because eveyone wants to use the computer lol . anyway we went to Dubai and saw the Burg Al Arab the hotel that looks like a sail, it was very unusual but not so impressive as i thought it would be!!! the beach there was lovely and me, my sister & mum went to paddle our feet the water was like a bath.! we then went to the Atlantis Hotel to have lunch it was on the Palm!!!! we were out on the top bit and we had to go through a tunnel underwater to get to the hotel they had a fantastic aquarium there & we spent a couple hours looking around it .we`ve been to 3 malls already and there are many more to see oh the hardship !!!lol.the shops here are so varied and you can get such much so i can`t take it all in .i want to buy so many things .you all would love it....tomorrow were meeting jeanne`s friend at the marina then going to the tailor, to have our cloth we bought made into dressess.then on to another Mall to get a watch for Juanita.yesterday we went to the family home and met some of Abduls sisters and their children there were loads of different ones i could`nt remember all their names, but they were very friendly to us.Abdul`s stepmum was lovely.of course my hair was the topic of conversation because i`m so pale compared to everyone else i could feel all eyes on me was lovely to see a 100%arabic family and how they live .

Monday, 13 October 2008


today we went to dubai, the buildings were incredible every one is different!! we went to the cloth shop and bought material to make me 2 dressesand nan 3 blouses the shop was full it was very hard to choose,after we got the cloth we drove to a small cafe and had like a pancake with omellete & cheese in gorgious!!! then we drove to the corniche that is were the beach is and all the gardens it was miles long the water was so blue,were all going there at the weekend.

the mall

today we all went to a huge mall in it they had sections from different parts of the world.i loved the indian world the ceiling was amazing!we had fish &chips for lunch and then i bought some hair clips , nabela helped me chose some sun glasses jeanne bought some perfume, the girls got some necklaces then we went to costa coffee and had hot chocolate with marshmallows and flake in !!!oh my poor waistline lol .....

we`re here!!!

well we had a fantastic flight ,it was so roomy and comfy . i watched 2 films one with colin firth in called last time i saw my father,it was a bit slow but he was in it so i did`nt care lol!!we arrived and Jeanne and Juanita were waiting for us juanita`s car is lovely,it only took a few mintes to get to the house,the house is fabulous full of chandeliers and lovely ornaments just like a filmstars everyone greeted us and we had tea, then we all sat around talking for a while then we went to bed because we had travelled for such a long time !!!