Monday, 10 November 2008

9th november

well!!what a shock to the system it was to arrive at Heathrow to temperatures of 10% when for a month it has`nt been below 35% i can tell you it felt mumand i rushed through to the baggage reclaim & got on the earlier coach which was very lucky cos our original one didn`t leave til 5 15 and we got on the 1.40 so we arrived at breton side bus station at 6.35. the weather was hurrendous! blowing a gale & raining ,so we jumped in the first taxi & got to mum`s for a n ice cuppa before sorting out the suitcases.we had an extra bag cos mum bought a lot of beads & ribbons for my sisters also some new clothes .i had loads of gifts bought me including a ring from Khalid & his new sister was such a lovely hostess she took us out practically every day .we went to the Dubai mall on Saturday it`s the biggest one there . they have an aquarium and an ice rink inside .i will post photo`s soon .we also went to my sisters house in Neshash were everyone goes to chill out & have a rest. we had waiters serving us our meal i have never seen so much food!!! i went in Abdul`s jeep up & down the sand dunes it was amazing!! from there we went to Haramere where jeanne has a bungalow just off the beach, we had lunch there and when we went to eat they had 2 whole sheep surrounded by rice potatoes and vegetables and for a laugh they put one each in front of me & mum and said eat up there`s plenty more well! you can imagine the look on our faces when we saw them ,we really thought they had given all that to us .they laughed so much my sister was crying to see our reaction when we saw the head was still on it !!!the tradition is to present the head to honour the guests, i nearly threw up lol .still it was a lovely meal .then we went back to Abu Dhabi to pack .we felt really sad to be leaving but excited to see everyone back home .i can`t wait to go back so will start saving as soon as christmas is over lol!!!!!!!! .

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